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Oracle Application (ERP) Developer (GC Holder or US Citizens ONLY)
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Oracle ERP Development

Role: Oracle Developer (GC Holder or US Citizens ONLY - ITAR Compliance Requirements)

Job Summary:

Technical Area technical consultant with 4-8 years of Oracle EBS experience analyzing, developing, implementing and testing Oracle Applications developments. Good knowledge of Oracle development tools and techniques to work on customer deliverables.
The primary objective of this position is to deliver high quality developments and work accurately on ticket resolution.
This position works closely with managing consultant in order to provide the best cost effective results to ISS customers.
Sound communication skills with the ability to communicate status, next steps and accomplished milestones internal and to customers over the telephone and via email. 

Core Competencies
  • Oracle applications developer with Oracle application framework (OAF) expertise required. 
  • OAF using Jdeveloper to create/modify forms and work on controller extension. (Basic OAF personalization won’t be enough).
  • Perform analysis of a moderate but well defined business area, include interviews, data, function and process models.
  • Demonstrate ability to identify and define a module using the appropriated Oracle Method.
  • Demonstrate ability to map semi-complex entities to tables, functions to modules and processes to menus.
  • Contribute to the design of detailed module design documents and specifications.
  • Demonstrate clear understanding of Oracle Architecture.
  • Demonstrate solid ability to build, test, and implement custom applications using core development tools (e.g., Designer, Developer, JDeveloper).
  • Understand and utilize performance tuning techniques to tune developed code.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of XML.
  • Demonstrate the ability to clearly outline the functions and requirements of a module.
  • Demonstrate the ability to write clear, concise procedures.
  • Participate in building end-user support guidelines.
  • Identify potential system problems (red flags) that might signify larger issues.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of data conversion principles.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of system integration principles.
  • Demonstrate clear understanding of Custom Development Method, its stages, major tasks and deliverables.
  • Demonstrate ability to read entity, function, data flow and process flow diagrams of average complexity.
  • Demonstrate solid ability with current versions of core development tools (e.g., Designer, Developer suite, JDeveloper, Sql Developer, TOAD).
  • Develop solid ability with appropriate development tools (including third party).

Job Responsibilities
  • Follow up standards for high quality support delivery
  • Follow up corporate standards: tools, documentation, guidelines and reporting processes
  • Accept responsibility and take ownership for assigned workload.
  • Analyze problems; evaluate and meet user requirements.
  • Solution driven, deadline-oriented.
  • Sustain an average client utilization of at least 95% based on the new logic for the ticket system considering vacations and holidays.

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